Kaleidoscope by Kristen Ashley

“This was a kaleidoscope of beauty, the dials spinning, ever changing, but never anything short of spectacular.”

Jagged by Kristen Ashley

“Life has certain things planned. For some people it takes you places you don’t want to go but the path leads to where you need to be.”

? Lady Luck by Kristen Ashley

All you need is a little luck.
Lexie Berry has had nothing but bad luck. You name it, Lexie has probably survived it-or worse. But there’s…

Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley

When you lose everything, anything is possible.

Lacybourne Manor by Kristen Ashley

A blend of sweet and sour. I thought I knew this story, until I read it.

Obsidian Music by Scarlett Dawn Part 3 of 3

Obsidian Music Blurb Beth and Daniil’s passionate love story reaches its ultimate struggle when Beth is kidnapped by Daniil’s enemies. Dark and dangerous killers hold her captive, but the Russian mafia will stop at nothing for her return. With the…

Vicious By L.J.Shen

“He was perfectly imperfect. Flawlessly flawed. Most importantly – he was Vicious. “


The characters are endearing. “Making Faces” isn’t just one love story, it’s many. Fern Taylor never stood out. She was just the daughter of the local pastor with fiery hair and a deep love for romances that everyone overlooked. But…

Whispered Music By Rachel Van Dyken

Whispered Music By Rachel Van Dyken: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Sold to her husband, Belle finds herself stuck with a ill tempered a-hole for a husband that only tends to make things worse. But he has a reason, he is stuck living in the past and is too wrapped up in his pain to see what he has in his new wife. Disfigured by his father, the beastly Dominique, slowly learns to control his temper. With the help of his friend, Hunter, he gains perspective and with Belle’s help he learns to let go of his past and heal. ?? ?

Burning Ember by Darby Briar

Ok, Ladies. I was so skeptical of this story after reading others’ reviews that I bought the kindle book and read it, instead of potentially “wasting” a credit on the audio book. Yes, this book is rough. The MC life…