Enemies to Lovers

Book Review in 65 Seconds: ‘The Coppersmith Farmhouse’ by Devney Perry


    Smart, Independent Woman

    Gigi doesn’t need a man. She has a daughter to raise. Looking for a better life for the both she decides to move them both into the Coppersmith Farmhouse left to her by man she thought of as a father. They both need the change from bigger city life and Gigi thinks that this could be perfect.


    Sheriff A@@hole

    Angry that this gold digger is coming to take over the house and home that Jess has taken care of for over a decade, he completely misjudges Gigi and her intentions.  He takes alpha to a whole need a-hole level.


    Could he be more wrong?

    Oh, yeah.  Jess realizes his mistake(s) but is it possible to fix what he has done?  He doesn’t give Gigi or Rowen a choice.  He just moves right on in, like he’s wanted to do for years.  Hope they don’t mind.

Small town romance at it’s best.

Funny and heartwarming with a town full of characters to love. Misunderstandings and assumptions lead to interesting interactions with the two main characters in the beginning. Seeing an alpha grovel a little is always good for the soul.

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