Paranormal Romance

Book Review in 61 Seconds: ‘The Vampire King’ by Heather Killough-Walden

A Quick Summary

  • Evie is stressed.  Life is not going her way. Her parents need help and it all falls on her to take care of them. Writing paranormal romance books pays her bills. She has always felt like an outsider – wanting something more than a human life, but that’s crazy.
  • Roman is the King of the vampire nation and has been for thousands of years.  He’s lost hope that he would ever have a companion after is first love was killed in an accident centuries ago. On a cold December night he is drawn to Evie and life turns up side down for both of them.  Pieces fall into place fast and alliances are made.
  • But Evie is kidnapped by a monster out for revenge and that kicks off a series of events not even the other 12 kings of the supernatural realms could have foreseen.

An Interesting, Quick Read

It has a lot of characters and names are thrown like bullets, but I liked the bigger plot that started in this book and carries on through the others.  I wish there was more development of the story between Roman and Evie.  I wish it didn’t have to happen so quickly.

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