? A 60 Second Book Review of ‘Until the Sun Falls from the Sky’ by Kristen Ashley

A Quick Summary

  • Leah comes from a family of concubines. They serve vampires and were one of the first families to ever do so. Now, it’s her time to go to the selection and hope that she is passed over, but Lucien, the defacto king of the Vampire Dominion has plans for her.
  • Installed into her new world, Lucien tries to break Leah’s spirit. He likes the challenge of getting her to comply and give into his wishes, but Leah won’t give up her heart.
  • Lucien goes against vampire law to have her and keep her and make her his, but can he keep her safe once he has her?
My Take on the Book :

Much of this book is a battle between Leah and Lucien. The payoff at the end is phenomenal. Great book.

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