About the Lady

I write reviews and recommendations for romance readers.

Taking my love for books and helping you find great books. We all get mislead by online reviews. I hope that I can save you some time (and money) so you can read the books you love.

I can be pretty selective about the books I read.

I’m a sucker for witty dialogue, quirky characters, fairytales, and laugh-out-loud rom-coms. Strong writing and character development are a must!

I post new book reviews daily

It’s become a goal of mine to post one new book review everyday this year. Yep. Everyday. I’ve read over 308 books this year so I have plenty of books to review. I try not to give bad reviews. Why waste time on a bad read? If it didn’t work for me odds are, I’m not going to finish it. I hope you understand.

My Rating System

Best 100%
Very Good 90%
Good 80%
Significantly Above Average 70%
Above Average 60%
Average 50%
Below Average 40%
Significantly Below Average 30%
Poor 20%
Very Poor 10%
Did Not Finish 0%