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    The Coppersmith Farmhouse (Jamison Valley, #1)

    Devney Perry

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    Lionheart (Moonshadow, #3)

    Thea Harrison

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    Rescuing Emily (Delta Force Heroes, #2)

    Susan Stoker


The Coppersmith Farmhouse
by Devney Perry

Funny and heartwarming with a town full of characters to love. Misunderstandings and assumptions lead to interesting interactions with the two main characters in the beginning. Seeing an alpha grovel a little is always good for the soul. 

Book Review in 61 Seconds: ‘The Vampire King’ by Heather Killough-Walden

A Quick Summary Evie is stressed.  Life is not going her way. Her parents need help and it all falls on her to take care of them. Writing paranormal romance books pays…

The Vampire King
by Heather Killough-Walden

Girl meets 1000 year old Vampire in a coffee shop and that’s only the beginning. This is the first in a 13 book series about soulmates and war and alpha males who have been looking for their queens for thousands of years.


Protecting the Future (SEAL of Protection Book 8) by Susan Stoker

Wolf and his fellow SEAL team members have saved many lives, and been in even more harrowing situations, but their latest mission might prove the most difficult of all. Charged with rescuing American soldier, Sergeant Penelope Turner, from the clutches of ISIS, the men infiltrate the refugee camp where she’s believed to be held. The conditions are horrific, the search nearly impossible, but Penelope herself could prove the key to their success…if the SEALs can interpret her clues.

An unforgiving desert, perilous mountain terrain, a rising body count and insurgents on the hunt…all of this and more stands between the SEALs completing their mission and returning home to their women, left to bravely deal with fears of their own stateside.

Sometimes a mission is more than one team can handle. With a little help from newfound friends, the SEALS won’t stop until they’ve won the day. Failure is not an option.

** Protecting the Future is the 8th and final book in the Seal of Protection Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.


Protecting Melody (SEAL of Protection Book 7) by Susan Stoker

Tex gave everything he had to his country and his SEAL teammates. When an IED took away part of his leg, and his career, he devoted himself to his country and friends from behind his computer. He’s always been the man that can find anyone, that uses his computer skills, legal and illegal, to keep people safe and to put the bad guys behind bars.


Protecting Jessyka (SEAL of Protection Book 6) by Susan Stoker

Kason “Benny” Sawyer was the last single man on his Navy SEAL team. He loved his teammates like brothers and respected each and every one of their women. They’d all been through hell and they deserved their current happiness. But seeing the love between his friends and their women made it tough to be the odd man out all the time.

I write reviews and recommendations for romance readers.

Taking my love for books and helping you find great books. We all get mislead by online reviews. I hope that I can save you some time (and money) so you can read the books you love.

I can be pretty selective about the books I read.

I’m a sucker for witty dialogue, quirky characters, fairytales, and laugh-out-loud rom-coms. Strong writing and character development are a must!

I post new book reviews often.

I’ve read over 340 books last year so I have plenty of books to review. I try not to give bad reviews. Why waste time on a bad read? If it didn’t work for me odds are, I’m not going to finish it. I hope you understand.

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